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Watson Lake | Yukon | Gurdeep Pandher | Pink Shirt Day | Anti-Bullying Awareness

During the Pink Shirt Day, on February 28, 2018,  at Watson Lake Secondary School in the Yukon, Canada, Gurdeep Pandher and school students wore pink shirts and danced Bhangra together under the slogan “Nice Needs No Filter”.

This special event was held to raise anti-bullying awareness in our schools, homes, workplaces and online. We all need to stand together against bullies. Sometimes, mental health conditions or unhealthy upbringing or peer pressures can create bullies too. So, we need more mental health education and practitioners to study the behaviour so that the best measures are adopted to prevent it. Everyone deserves safe spaces to live their lives to the fullest.


Starring: Gurdeep Pandher Other Participants: Sue Rudd, Tarah Boone, Seth Boss, Adam Cook-Lamha, Amber Dickson, Christopher Dickson, Trynaty Durante, Kate Durocher, Cassandra Hanchar, Jennifer Kroeker, Marshal Law, Jordan Lehune, Eric Lewis, Levi Lutz-Dennis, Taylor MacLeod, Brett Marko-Wolftail, Philippe Mass, Juanita Olson, Racheyll Stewart, Mitcheal Stubenberg, Nicole Tibbett, Shilo Ouellette, Michelle Bakos, Sue Chief, Terri Lee Skerry and Max, Laurel Cole


Music and Lyrics: Gurdeep Pandher


Vocals: Gurdeep Pandher, Sue Rudd and School Students


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