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Whitehorse Mayor Dan Curtis Becomes First Canadian Mayor To Learn Sikh Turban

Whitehorse – The mayor of the city of the Whitehorse Dan Curtis created history this week by becoming the first Canadian Mayor to learn the art of wearing a Sikh turban. He wore the turban on his head and then danced Punjabi bhangra with Gurdeep Pandher.

It all started with Gurdeep Pandher’s discussion with mayor Dan Curtis about his Bhangra concert known as “Bhangra – Dance of the Punjab” in Whitehorse. Then Gurdeep offered him a unique idea and he happily loved the idea.

The mayor said, “I love it, a great big ‘YES please” let’s do this’.”

The idea was how mainstream Canadians connect with diversity, different faiths, and multiculturalism in our great country and still are one. How diversity is our strength! How we all connect across “walls” and convert them to “bridges”. And Gurdeep’s idea was how the Mayor would feel with a Sikh turban on his head. The mayor enthusiastically accepted the idea and then they did it at the city chambers.

Then the mayor declared the city of Whitehorse as the diversity friendly city.

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