Basic Introduction to Zoom platform

I use zoom to deliver online Bhangra classes. Before the class time, please download the zoom app on your computer or smartphone or tablet. Here are the links:-

On your computer/phone/tablet, please be ready by entering the following information:-

  • Meeting ID: I will send it via email
  • Password: I will send it via email

Note: If available, I will suggest you choose a computer or tablet instead of a phone to learn. The phone has a smaller screen, so sometimes it makes it a bit difficult to view the details.

Basic overview of the Zoom meeting room.

There are two main areas of zoom room – gallery view and speaker view. Let’s understand more about both of them:

1. Gallery View

“Gallery View” is the place where you can see all the participants. If cameras of the participants are turned off, you see their names! If I am not teaching or participants are just doing normal discussions or introductions, you can stay in “Gallary View”. From this view, you can see everyone. If you do not want to be seen by others, you can keep your camera off by clicking on the video icon from the “bottom-left.”

Zoom Gallery View
Zoom Gallery View

2. Speaker View

“Speaker View” is the place where a speaker or host or teacher or instructor speaks to other participants. When I am teaching or showing you Bhangra techniques, please stay in the “Speaker View” so that you can see me as a large image. If you can see the movement of my hands or legs as a big picture, you will be able to understand my lesson better.

Zoom Speaker View Zoom Speaker View

Using a phone for audio:

Some people like to use their phone (instead of internet audio) to listen to the class. Please visit this link https://zoom.us/u/abtEEjSIRB to find phone numbers to dial.

Other things for a smooth learning experience:

  1. In the zoom application on the computer, I recommend you to stay in a “full screen” so that you see the bigger picture.
  2. I recommend you to keep your microphone “muted” while I am teaching so that if nobody hears any unwanted sound originating from your microphone, and so that there is no interruption to others. You can “unmute” it if you need to ask a question.
  3. I recommend you to keep your camera on at the beginning and at the end of the class when there is an introduction session. But as soon as I start teaching about the moves, please turn it off. If you are having low internet speed, then it is a good idea to keep it off.
  4. Internet speed plays an important role in a smooth zoom experience. Please stay close to your WIFI router or in an area where you can get the best internet signal.

If still not sure how to join a Zoom meeting? Please watch this video:-