Embrace Your Setbacks and Failures: Discover True Joy

Embrace Your Setbacks and Failures: Discover True Joy

This statement holds true: Happiness is a state of mind.

Yes, it is not solely dependent on external achievements, possessions, and knowledge. While achieving dreams, acquiring wealth, and reaching desired positions can bring temporary satisfaction, true happiness stems from having a positive mindset and finding joy in the ups and down of the journey of life.

It is important to recognize that happiness is not about attaining a top position or material possessions. Rather, it is about celebrating small victories, finding joy in the little things in life, and appreciating those little moments during the path. Finding your inner child and maintaining a positive outlook towards the world are key factors in experiencing genuine happiness. Even if you were to have all the power and control in the world, true happiness cannot be attained unless it originates within your own heart and is shared with others. The beauty of happiness lies in sharing and giving.

It is essential to understand that constant seeking and acquiring do not lead to lasting happiness. On the other hand, those who believe in sharing and giving are happier and more kind people. True happiness is not dependent on owning material possessions, holding prestigious degrees, or occupying high positions. These external factors do not guarantee fulfillment if you fail to nurture your inner child during life's journey. Life is never perfect, and even those who have reached the pinnacle of success have experienced moments of sorrow and loneliness.

For example, even someone as successful as Steve Jobs experienced a great deal of loneliness in the later stages of his life. Alexander the Great, who sought to conquer the world and achieved significant victories, was an extremely sorrowful and unhappy person towards the end of his life. These examples highlight that happiness is not solely about achieving, but about giving, being positive, embracing the wonders of life, and even celebrating downs of life.

Visualize happiness as transforming your heart into a flower pot and allowing the beautiful plant of a genuine smile to bloom within. It is about cultivating a positive state of mind, regardless of challenging circumstances.

Let me share a story that a friend once told me. This friend worked in Syrian camps during the period of ISIS conflict, providing humanitarian aid and assistance to the people. They shared a heartwarming story about a boy and girl who fell in love in one of those camps. Despite their world being torn apart by bombings and chaos, they found excitement and happiness in their own little world that they created while living in those camps. Their love and happiness remained intact amidst the destruction and uncertainty. This story serves as a powerful reminder that happiness does not rely on living in a perfect world. It is about finding the perfect rhythm of your heart amidst all the imperfections.

Joy requires effort and conscious choices. If you find yourself in a negative environment, make an effort to remove yourself from that negativity or take steps to prevent it from affecting you. Remember, true happiness stems from your state of mind and the mindset you choose to embrace.

And finally, here is one of my happy videos that will help you discover some joy:

Life is a journey. Celebrate it! It is worth cherishing and rejoicing in.

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