Collaborations with First Nations/Indigenous Peoples

Gurdeep holds a deep appreciation in his heart for the fact that every single square inch of the Turtle Island is Indigenous land. He always thinks about the profundity of this fact. He acknowledges and is immensely grateful to the Indigenous peoples who have been the original stewards of this land since time immemorial.

His own ancestral land, Punjab, was colonized. Therefore, he is aware of the far-reaching traumatic impacts of colonialism and key facts about Canada's history. Furthermore, he reflects upon Canada's past and recognizes the vital importance of taking future steps towards Truth and Reconciliation. Throughout his journey, he has had the privilege of working alongside and forming collaborations with these extraordinary communities, fostering the creation of harmonious cross-cultural bridges. Here are a few notable examples of such collaborations:

1) Punjabi and Celtic Fusion While Paying Respect To The Indigenous Peoples

2) Québec's Innu First Nation, Atikamekw First Nation & Gurdeep Pandher danced Makusham & Bhangra dance

 3) First Nations Dance and Punjabi Bhangra | Buffalo Boy Productions and Gurdeep Pandher

4) Indigenous elder and a young person joined Gurdeep at Native Council of PEI Cultural Park, PEI

5) A Conversation with Khasha in his Native Language Southern Tutchone at Champagne, Yukon

6) Bhangra to Indigenous drum at Long Ago Peoples Place near Champagne Village, Yukon

7) Bhangra in Old Crow (Yukon) by First Nation Chief Dana Tizya-Tramm & Gurdeep Pandher

8) Bhangra Dance to Sammy Acko Drum | Doig River First Nation | Fort St. John, BC

9) Gurdeep Pandher Dancing with Miꞌkmaq artist Michael Julian

10) At Panmure Island Pow Wow, Hoop Dancer Sophia Bourque Teaches Gurdeep Hoop Dance Moves