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Online Bhangra Fitness Class with Gurdeep Pandher

As COVID-19 has shifted everything, this initiative will give a great opportunity to do dance workouts/exercises from homes while maintaining ‘social-distancing’ intact.

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(Stability over Speed, Balance over Development, Relation over Power, Inclusion over Rejection, Welcoming over Shaming, Collaboration over Contradiction)

Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) and Gurdeep Pandher Collaboration

Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) members take part in Bhangra:

View at The Maple Leaf, National Defence, Government of Canada

Bhangra by the Yukon’s Youth

BBC News: Canadian mayor’s turban fitting goes viral

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The Fusion of Pipe Band and Bhangra

The tapestry of Canada is woven with threads from many cultures. Made with love in Whitehorse, Yukon, along with Midnight Sun Pipe Band, this creation weaves two threads (Pipe Band and Punjabi Bhangra Dance) of the great tapestry together.

Our Incredible Bhangra Family

-45C Cold, Bhangra and Art Inspiration‪

My viral bhangra video in the Yukon’s -45C temperature inspired an artist/writer from Vancouver Island, Carol Anne Shaw, to create this amazing drawing of me. Based on the drawing, she also wrote a touching poem on her Instagram. ‪Dance creates positivity and inspires.

Drawing of Gurdeep Pandher by Carol Anne Shaw
Drawing of Gurdeep Pandher by Carol Anne Shaw