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“Joy is more than having fun. Joy means your nerves are calm, your anxieties are elsewhere. Your heart (not just lips) is smiling; your breathing is soothing like a breeze; your world is perfect in the mess of imperfections around you. Joy could be an ideal meditation. If all emotions are valuable, then even tears of joy can make us get up and dance. One thing more about joy; we need it, just like we need food to survive. Go find your joy! Start by searching within yourself or going out in nature.” – Gurdeep Pandher

What is Bhangra?

Bhangra is the traditional dance of Punjab. It is native to the Punjabi nation. A long time ago, Punjabi-Sikh farmers started to use different aspects of farming to create a dance form. This farming influenced style of dance celebrates food-growing, harvesting and relationship to the land, which they later called Bhangra.

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More Quotes by Gurdeep:

Joy does not mean that you fully disconnect from other vital emotions, such as being reflective or feeling sad. It means that joy is your home, and other emotions are places to visit. After visiting, come back to your home to calm your anxieties!


When you smile at nature, it smiles back at you. Fallen autumn leaves are hopeful that spring will eventually come.
Similarly, when there is hope in the hearts, it creates joy in gloominess.


Even a well-built boat without paddles can easily lose its way and become directionless. Similarly, a mind can head towards gloominess without positivity and joy. Therefore, it is important to keep paddles of happiness for your mind-boat.


If there was no darkness, we would never see how the light looks like and shines. Thanks to sadness which created joy and gave importance to it.

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