Getting Ready for a Gurdeep Session

How to get ready for a Gurdeep's Bhangra session?

Suggested Important tips by Gurdeep Pandher to make your session more enjoyable:

1. Footwear

Those dancing Bhangra should wear proper footwear, such as workout or running shoes. Office shoes or high heels can be restrictive. If you are in a space that allows it, including wooden floors or grass, it is possible to dance barefoot.

2. Clothing

Fitness or Workout clothes work best for dancing Bhangra. It is challenging to move in jeans or formal wear, and I do not suggest that participants arrive in this apparel.

3. Water

It is beneficial to bring a water bottle with you to class, as dancing Bhangra is a complete workout. If you are taking class virtually, then make sure you have water ready and easily accessible.

4. Food

I do not recommend eating a heavy meal for up to two hours before the class, as Bhangra dance involves continuously hopping. Coming to class with a full belly is constraining, and it is best to allow your body time to digest food fully before dancing. If you have a sudden craving for food and cannot wait for two hours, I suggest participants stick to light snacks before the class.

5. Distractions

Happiness requires that you get fully disconnected from the outside world. It is important to turn off phones or electronics or leave them on airplane mode during the session. Some people like to film themselves while dancing, which is Ok. If you have such plans, I suggest setting up your phone or camera before the class.

6. Web camera (for online classes only)

I recommend that you keep your camera on while participating. Turning on your web camera creates a more engaging session and helps participants stay focused and motivated.