Recommendations for Setting Up a Stage or Event Venue

Please note that you have the freedom to set up your venue in a way that you believe is most suitable for your event's needs. The following are just our recommendations:

(1) Music or Lecture Stand (REQUIRED)

Gurdeep uses a music or lecture stand for his iPad and some other things. Therefore, please ensure at least one music or lecture stand is available on the stage or riser for Gurdeep.

(2) Chairs Layout (Suggested, but not required)

If the members of the audience are sitting in chairs, it is recommended that there is space between the chairs so that they are able to sit and repeatedly stand during the session and have space for dance movement. Here is an example of the layout of the chairs at Haida Gwaii (BC) for Gurdeep's event by the organizers:

Rows/Columns Layout:

Rows/Columns Layout (Another Option):

Another option can be making columns of keeping two chairs side by side. That way, the audience members can stand at the left or right side of their chairs when they are asked to stand up for the dance movement. For example, the rounded dots below are placeholders for two paired chairs in columns. The person who is sitting on the left side of the column can dance in empty space on the left side, The person who is sitting on the right side of the column can dance in empty space on the right side.

Rounded Tables:

We find this to be the best option. If your event features rounded tables with chairs around them, there is usually ample space among them. Therefore, if you have rounded tables arranged, that's great, and there are no further suggestions.


(3) Location of Stage or Riser

If the stage is permanently fixed, then it is fine the way it is.

However, if you are going to set up a new stage temporarily in a rectangular space, it is ideal to have the stage along the length of the room rather than the width. This promotes visibility for audience members in the back.

(4) Suggested Stage/Riser size and Height 

It is recommended that the stage or riser be at least 4 feet (122 cm) high and 12 feet (366 cm) wide and long.

(5) Side Activities During the Session

Some organizers serve food during the event. If you would like to serve food, it is recommended that food be served after the performance. Eating and drinking during the performance can create a barrier for people to enjoy it. If there are other activities planned during Gurdeep's performance, it is also recommended that they be paused during that time.